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All the dating sites rss feed

Others put only the abstract in the description element, and put the full item either externally, using the enclosure element, or internally using a body element from an added XHTML namespace. While many people make the mistake of thinking of this value as a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), it is only the same concept.

Each item element can contain zero or more category sub-elements. There is no standardized list, however, and each blog creator can make up their own, so it's up to the people reading the blog to determine that one person's "ASP. The idea of the guid element in RSS is that each posting has some unique value.

Figure 1 is a portion of the RSS feed from a site used by many Microsoft bloggers.

You can see the standard RSS elements in this feed, as well as a number of extensions. RSS feed with extensions The RSS 2.0 format is composed of a mandatory root element (rss) with a version attribute.

Many people associate RSS as the distribution format of blogs. RSS can be used whenever you have changing data as a means of providing a list of changes.

For example, a news service can expose the headlines as RSS.

Some use it to point at the news or blog item itself on the hosting Web site. For example, you could have an item on a news site discussing the latest decision by the U. Using the second model, the description of the item would contain the news story, but the link would point at the Whitehouse press release (basically the original source) about the decision. Many RSS generators put the entire item in the description.

It's the little differences like this that make processing RSS so much fun. That is, the description would include the entire news story.

In addition, RSS 2.0 supports namespaces, enabling the creation of extensions to RSS.If these interest searches succeed, swiping could eventually seem old-fashioned.Kent Sharkey MSDN Content Strategist December 2004 Summary: Kent Sharkey describes one technique for merging multiple RSS feeds into a new RSS feed, which enables merging common data into a single source to make it easier for users to find the information they want. Rss Client Design Rss Client Implementation Conclusion Related Resources RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has become a popular format not only for syndicating weblogs (or blogs as they are more commonly known), but as a generic XML format for tracking updates to Web sites or applications as well.It has a single child element (channel) that describes the content in the RSS feed, as well as one or more item elements.Each item element contains the actual data in the feed in a series of optional sub-elements.

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