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They arrested him and booked him into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of forcible rape.

He remained there Sunday afternoon in lieu of ,000 bail.

Had Brown’s girlfriend been considered a victim of domestic abuse, rather than just another everyday casualty, his attack on his wife would have been a second offense, which would have been a felony and Brown couldn’t serve as an elected official. Brown argued he would have been the only American legislator in recordable history to be thrown out of office for committing two crimes officially defined as minor in state law.

His lawyers asked senators to disclose every misdemeanor, like speeding or littering, they had committed. 16, a few days before what promised to be an embarrassing Senate expulsion hearing.

Hebert noted that applications such as Tinder, in which users typically judge potential matches by making a snap decision based primarily on one or a few photographs, are susceptible to abuse.The only exception is that a dating partner convicted of a first offense wouldn't automatically lose the right to possess a firearm under the federal law.Currently, a conviction for first offense of domestic violence forbids gun possession for 10 years under state law and for life under federal law."Anytime you take away firearms, it gets tricky," Moreno said.With Republicans and the independent representative voting no and Democrats voting yes, the House committee rejected Moreno’s bill.The issue came up in a most dramatic way earlier this year when Troy Brown initially refused to leave the state Senate simply because he pleaded no contest, meaning he does not dispute the allegations, to two separate misdemeanors: beating up his girlfriend, then a few months later biting his wife.

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