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The idea is that you join all the squares in one direction first and then join all the squares in the other direction.

To join the “unjoined” sides, turn the joined squares 90 degrees and repeat the whole process.

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In the pictures above you can see that the slip stitches form a flat cable on the front of the blanket and a running stitch on the back.

For the purposes of this tutorial I will call them the inside loops (). Next you will need to place your squares side by side with the right side of both facing up ().

If you are going to be adding new yarn to join your crochet squares, add it now by placing a slip knot on your hook as in Photo 4. If you don’t like starting with a slip knot, simply yarn over with your new colour.

Pull through both of the stitches (loops) on your hook (). Slip stitches are not as elastic as other stitches, so if you work very tightly, your edges won’t have any “give”.

If I’m right, you might enjoy joining in the Block a Week CAL (Crochet-along) being hosted by Kimberly Slifer from the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook.

We are making 45 weekly squares over the course of the year.

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If I left all the joining until the end, I would probably never complete a blanket.

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