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The Airbus 330 landed back in Perth about am, with emergency services on site as a precaution.

Park will also go to China, with several cities likely to be on the list.

We hope their own reunions may not be too far away,” she said.online petition to China’s president that at the time of writing has 8,185 signatures.

Her cousin had also shot a docu-drama titled “Mama on a Mission” that has currently been viewed 12,281 times on You Tube to highlight her plight." data-reactid="78"Chau Yang and her son now finally have their rights to freely move in and out of China restored.

Cheng Chau Yang, 42, and her eight-year-old Malaysian son were, for almost two years, stuck in China under a mysterious court-imposed travel ban to secure the visitation rights of her ex-husband.

The ex-husband had previously abducted the child twice.

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Malay Mail Online.“And so, our four-year ordeal has come to an end in two months.

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