Examples of world accommodating new religious movements

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For example, in the winter of 1807 Napoleon crossed the Vistula and ventured to the walls of Königsberg, leaving Austria on his rear and having Russia in front. XII.—Different Causes which have an Influence over the Success of a War. Much will depend upon its geographical position in reference to the armies already in the field.

The rule holds in a special manner in making a translation. It follows, then, that the safety of the army may be endangered by these distant interventions.

To persons accustomed to read for instruction in military matters, it is not necessary to say a word with reference to the merits of Jomini. Austria had an opportunity of this character in 1807, but failed to profit by it: she again had the opportunity in 1813.

To those not thus accustomed heretofore, but who are becoming more interested in such subjects, (and this class must include the great mass of the American public,) it is sufficient to say, and it may be said with entire truth, that General Jomini is admitted by all competent judges to be one of the ablest military critics and historians of this or any other day. Napoleon had just collected his forces in Saxony, when Austria, taking his front of operations in reverse, threw herself into the struggle with two hundred thousand men, with almost perfect certainty of success.

"A state begins to decline when it permits the immoderate aggrandizement of a rival, and a secondary power may become the arbiter of nations if it throw its weight into the balance at the proper time." In a military view, it seems plain that the sudden appearance of a new and large army as a third party in a well-contested war must be decisive.

History is filled with examples of powers which have fallen by neglect of these principles.

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