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The American Wikileaks Hackerhere are 530 Facebook profiles claiming to be Kiki Kannibal, including one with just over 20,000 fans, and none of them are hers.

Some are obvious fakes, like "Kiki Dorkface Kannibal," but others are hard to detect.

Seated at a cafe near her current home outside Orlando — she prefers I don't reveal the precise location — she's stick-thin in a black minidress, a heavy quartz-skull necklace and a skull ring; despite her tough-girl accessories, she comes across as tentative and frail, hugging her studded purse for comfort.

"I never thought I would run into these types of people," she says.

She wondered if this would go down as the strangest day of her young life. Kiki was hurtling into a twisted online realm, populated not just with trash-talking teens but also with stalkers, hackers, predators and profiteers.

As her mom backed the car out of the driveway, Kiki took one last look at their house, where her father stood before the graffiti-ridden garage, raising one hand in a cheerless goodbye."Five years in, the cyberstalking nightmare shows no signs of stopping, and threat assessment has become the backdrop of Kiki's life.She doesn't take any of it lightly, especially since the message she got last spring: "I know where you live and I'm gonna kill your fucking cat." Soon afterward, her cat Sebastian disappeared."It's scary," says Kiki, her words muffled by her braces.Her family had transplanted from the Chicago suburb of Streamwood for dad Scott's computer-engineering job.The Ostrengas and their three kids — Kyler, Kirsten and Dakota — were lured by promises of palm trees and sunshine.

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