Girls dating guys in wheelchairs

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Girls dating guys in wheelchairs

It was as if, somehow, my disability made me less human to them. And yet, when I became one of “them,” I was, still me.And I’m still able in so very many ways: I’m a lawyer, conflict resolver, leadership development expert, writer, professional storyteller, improviser, world traveler and kick ass spades player.Images of disabled men in sports wheelchairs with bodies of Olympic athletes are common in media. From handsome male wheelchair models and muscle men, to the everyday handicapped guy living life in a wheelchair.A broad spectrum of disabled paraplegic and quadriplegic (tetraplegic) guys.Of all spinal cord injury wheelchair users the majority are male.So it’s odd to find more images of wheelchair women than men on the internet. Perhaps men are shy or embarrassed of their disability.

If you are attracted to men in wheelchairs, or have images to upload, this gallery is for you.I woke up on the side of the road, paralyzed from the chest down.The injury was devastating, but the societal condemnation that came on top of it was worse. In the United States, we were still sterilizing people with disabilities against their will.We’re not talking cellulite or muffin top here, but withered legs, a slumping stomach and a bunch of ugly scars.(Of course, as so many women do, I see myself in the worst light possible).

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Yet my passionate desire for life and love is fully operational.

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