Is derek jeter still dating vanessa minillo Live cam non credits

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July 2004 -- Word begins to spread of Jeter cozying up to Jessica Alba, the actress who starred in ''Honey.'' If for some inexplicable reason you missed ''Honey,'' kindly Ti VO it, and enjoy it on Saturdays, and twice on Sundays.

Reports say that Jeter has long had an interest in Alba, and they finally connected on one of his West Coast road trips in early summer. December 2004 - The biggest playboy in all of sports -- with apologies to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady -- is spotted at an LA restaurant (supposedly for the Microsoft Christmas Party - go figure) with 20-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson.

Jeter would have asked Kathy Lee for advice on how to maintain a celebrity-athlete romance, but we all know about Frank's propensity for flight attendants.

May (later) 2000 -- Days after her appearance on Regis, Miss Universe mysteriously appears at a Yankees game (along with Miss USA).

You couldn't walk into a Waffle House or Steakhouse in Tampa without seeing the lovebirds cuddling.

The two -- who share a birthday -- first met in 2003 while judging the Miss Teen USA pageant (Vanessa, then Vanessa Minnillo, was crowned Miss Teen USA in 1998).

After years of seeing each other at events and on the set of the music countdown show TRL, where Vanessa was a VJ, they finally got together once Vanessa and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter split up, and Nick and singer Jessica Simpson divorced."Nick asked me to be in his What's Left of Me music video [in 2006] and that's when we started talking more," says Vanessa, shooting Nick a smile, as she tries to keep Camden entertained with a toy car. The duo was together five years before sharing "I do's." Six months later, Vanessa found out she was pregnant. ' At that point it wasn't hypothetical -- it was happening whether we were ready or not! "My wife's maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality -- and it's definitely made her even sexier," says Nick, while Vanessa says that Nick wasn't too shabby to begin with.

Comes up with a game-winning home run in the World Series? Those with half a brain recall Jeter saying she was his ''favorite artist'' back in 1996 and the wheels begin in motion. The media incessantly hounds Jeter while teammate Tim Raines jokes in the dugout, ''Is this baseball or 'Entertainment Tonight?

The contest may not yet exist, but you just know Ryan Seacrest would host it.

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If not, it would be tempting to hate such a gorgeous family.

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