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James left the area after his wife’s death, going firstly to Flax Bourton and then Nailsea.He remarried in 1841 at St James, Bristol to an Elizabeth Sims.With the death of Mr ‘Tacker’ Morris, the hamlet of Lower Langford lost its final connection to an activity that had been important to it for several centuries: shoemaking.Being situated in the centre of a cattle-rearing area, there was ready access to the most important raw material: hides for leather.

James Clark of Blackmoor was buried at St John the Baptist, Churchill on 27th Aug 1828 aged 71yrs.

We know for certain that there were two tanneries in Langford, one in Burrington, located adjacent to Saxon Street, and a second in Churchill, on the corner of Langford Road and Blackmoor, occupying a site where today Bay Tree Cottage and Virginia Cottages stand.

Alex Kolombos responded to Jenny as follows: Dear Jenny, Intriguing stuff!

This dormant project has recently been stimulated back into life by some wonderful research by a lady from Brisbane, Jenny Clark.

As a result, we are now able to identify many of the tanners who worked on these sites over nearly two centuries!

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Jenny’s interest stemmed from a study she was making of an ancestor, James Clark.

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