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A survey and numerous excavations showed the region was a source of hominin fossils from the last 4.2 million years.

Far exceeding the number of humanoid fossils are the non-humanoid fossils, which give us a look at the fauna and flora as far back as the Miocene.

More and better flakes meant better use of carcasses and therefore a need for fewer carcasses, less hunting, etc.

Moreover, the increased number of flakes available made ranging farther from the source of the stone possible and gave more staying power to the hunt.

The simple hierarchy of scientific places for Koobi Fora is the following: Koobi Fora is the region; the region is divided into fossil collecting areas; within fossil collection areas there are archaeological sites and hominid paleontological localities.

Locating and referencing the hundreds of sites in the Koobi Fora region has been an ongoing process.

Controversial dating of the KBS Tuff during the 1970s helped to spearhead the development of modern potassium/argon and argon/argon geological dating methods.

In addition, the unique fusion between geochronology and mammal evolutionary studies has made the Koobi Fora Formation a standard for all of Pliocene-Pleistocene Africa.

Most early human fossils and archaeological remains come from the upper portion of the Burgi Member, the KBS Member, and the Okote Member.

Searching for and finding fossils in such a large area is another difficult problem.

One solution has been to organize all persons present into a group to sweep a designated area.

A subsequent survey and numerous excavations at multiple sites established the region as a source of hominin fossils shedding light on the evolution of man over the previous 4.2 million years.

Far exceeding the number of hominin fossils are the non-hominin fossils which give a detailed view of the fauna and flora as far back as the Miocene.

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Koobi Fora is perhaps best known for its specimens of the genus Homo, but those of the genus Australopithecus also have been found.

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