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Aurora was the first company to construct a facility 55,000 square feet solely for the production of medicinal marijuana.

It functions in plain sight in a sprawling hayfield in Mountain View County north of Calgary. Inside, its a .5-million, high-tech operation that requires you to dress in throw-away medical apparel that covers your shoes, hands, head and any facial hair.

Seele said it’s not unusual for an overdose victim to have multiple substances.This is the great indoors, the place where you can stand at the end of a long metal table, stare straight ahead to its opposite end some 75 metres away and you will be lost in a mighty greenness.You will see thousands of familiar jagged-edged leaves reaching up to the lights inside Albertas largest grow-op. It came in more than double our expected yield, Mr. We were budgeting for 1.4 pounds per [growing] light and we just did close to three pounds per light.We lost money for the first eight years of the contract because of all the things we had to get through, Mr.Zettl says, referring to the many Health Canada regulations. We wanted to prove a point by taking a plant and turning it into the manufacturing of a [medicinal] drug.

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How Do Cannabinoids Affect The Brain Cannabinoid Inhaler No matter what timezone you’re in, each night millions of people struggle with insomnia.