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"It’s a real turn-off but in the present climate it’s really dodgy.

"So I think the less attractive guy just needs to make lots of friends with beautiful women, have lots of them around, and will end up with more attractive women as a result of that." Richard, who claims his dating site PUA Training is the biggest in Europe, added: "I think that women find it hard to be attracted to men who keep asking things."They don’t like aggressiveness or creepiness but the actual feeling to a woman of being seduced by a man she’s attracted to, who’s saying the right things, and making her feel sexy, that’s wonderful."So the downside of guys being more careful and more afraid is that there will be women with men thinking ‘oh come on already’, and the guy’s thinking ' I can’t make a move'." Back in August, Richard caused outrage when he said: "I think British women are entitled, overweight and less feminine...Inspired by the book The Game, and later by a painful VH1 show featuring a man who wore goggles as a headband, PUAs are men who almost universally suffer from some combination of hostility toward women, social awkwardness, basic idiocy, feelings of entitlement, over-sized egos, and under-sized self-awareness (among, um, other under-sized things sometimes).They go to conventions, they hold secret meetings, they often wear stupid hats and they trade sophisticated seduction techniques like approaching a woman in a bar to say, “you have an artless grace” or, "My friend just got two dogs, what should he name them? " In real life, a neg may be unnerving enough to merit a response, or at least a furrowed brow. Here's a message one girl received from a budding PUA: You nearly have a perfect lack of grace.

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"You take the average British guy that thinks he’s good looking - and you put him in Norway, or Serbia, or Italy - then he’s not going to look so hot by comparison." But the biggest challenge for British blokes is not their looks, but that they're too shy, according to Richard - who says the best way to pull someone out of your league is to surround yourself with beautiful women.

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