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Some scholars divide this period as ‘Rāsa yug’, ‘Saguṇ Bhakti yug’ and ‘Nirguṇ Bhakti yug’ also.

The modern era (1850 AD to date) is divided into ‘Sudhārak Yug’ or ‘Narmad Yug’, ‘Paṇḍit Yug’ or ‘Govardhan Yug’, ‘Gandhi Yug’, ‘Anu-Gandhi Yug’, ‘Ādhunik Yug’ and ‘Anu-Ādunik Yug’.

Poetry as a perception was a medium for expressing religious beliefs and judgements, a stronghold of medieval Indian times.

Gujarati Literature Mega Materials by guru In this context of gradual evolution, the history of Gujarati literature is generally classed into three broad periods, consisting of the Early period (up to c.

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The early era (up to 1450 AD) and medieval era ( 1450 AD – 1850 AD) are divided into ‘before Narsinh’ and ‘after Narsinh’ periods sometimes.

In this Post you can get about 90 Great Gujarati Authors And poets Detail Information.

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1450 AD), the Middle period (1450 to 1850 AD) and the Modern period (1850 AD. However, Gujarati literature and its tremendous maturation and proficiency in contributing to culture is retraced back to sultanate days (referring to the Muzaffarid dynasty, which had provided the sultans of Gujarat in western India from 1391 to 1583)1981..

To know About these type of more information in Gujarati about Gujarati Literature. Here You can get gujarati Authors And poets Detail Parichay.

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