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Sexchat girls internetdata

As far as IRC shell scripts go, my personal favor ite is Lice - again available publically via ftp FTP.Other scripts exist but the richness and power of the LICE commands I believe is second to none.

To gain ops in these channels you must become a channel re gular (i.e.Hacking IRC - The Definitive Guide Copyright 1996 [email protected] to Hacking IRC- The Definitive Guide.The purpose of this page if you have not already guessed is to provide what I consider optimal methodology for hacking IRC channels.The following discussion mostly relates to splits but I will touch on anonirc briefly at the end. A split occurs when the IRC server you are communicating on detaches from the rest of the net.If you are in a channel and by chance the only one on a particular server that splits away, you will not only find yourself alone on the channel, but will now ha ve the opportunity to gain ops.

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What It Takes To Gain Control Without going into much detail clearly in order to effectively gain control of an IRC channel you must be the only op on your channel.

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