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So the following is a suggestion for a speech to be delivered by the couple's adult son or daughter at their parents' 25th wedding anniversary, broken in parts with some explanations.The first rule of thumb is that you want everyone to take notice that you are about to give a speech.Engadget notes that it is positive the company is upgrading hardware before the robot has been shipped.A sophisticated 1080p HD camera means it will be able to take high quality pictures, videos and even live streaming.Their love, like silver—the element that has the highest electrical conductivity—has been transferring their thoughts and feelings between the two of them and making them more glued each day.As a metal, silver also has the highest thermal conductivity.The reason for addressing them in the fashion outlined above is because “Ladies & Gentlemen” should come before anything else, if it ever has to be used.Also, when you address the more remotely related before the more closely related ones, you give a sense of embracing them in to your circle of close families.

As a young man/woman who hasn't had a taste of a marriage life himself/herself, I must confess it is a bit intimidating to stand up here and talk about feelings and thoughts about a silver wedding. This anniversary is very special because it is a living proof how deeply electrifying their love has been bonding their souls.

Earlier this year Mr Beebe said he wanted to make Kuri have a character.'You have to make an effort to give a robot personality and character, otherwise it's too cold,' said Mr Beebe at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.'Kuri adds a spark of life to the home.

The joy of incorporating a robot in the home is unique and magical.'Mayfield, a 40-person California startup owned by German conglomerate Bosch, plans to deliver Kuri by December to US consumers.

It can also play music to recorded sound, which Mayfield Robotics chief executive Michael Beebe uses to tell the robot to tell his dog to get off the couch.

The robot, which is made by Mayfield Robotics, is also getting belt treads as feet instead of wheels which means it will be able to move more easily on rugs and soft furnishings.

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Kuri can rotate his head left and right, and tilt its head down and upwards.

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