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As a child, she was an avid swimmer and tennis player.

She studied architecture for a year at Mount Vernon College, but soon dropped out to pursue a modeling career in New York City.

There's light in your eyes, and that's priceless."The actress was appreciative, saying, "There are certain parts about getting older that are fantastic. No one's ever asked me in this way, so I haven't really thought about it like this," she said. And it definitely made a lot of mistakes that I see, whether it's co-dependency or people-pleasing.

Just watching my daughter [Coco Arquette, 12] go through, you know, the game of life... "She's really a combination between me and [David Arquette], for sure."Speaking of David, Bear couldn't help but ask why Courteney and her husband split in 2011. "I mean, as divorces go, I would say it's one of the better ones. We're good co-parents together."Courteney is engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny Mc Daid, but they haven't been without their ups and downs.

I know it's crazy, but I would."The A-lister and Snow Patrol rocker called off their year-long engagement in 2015, only to reunite months later. I've always loved her." Courteney had nothing but amazing things to say about her beau, telling the mag, "Well, he's younger than me, and with any other guy that would be the hardest thing in the world, but looks are not that important to him or his family.

Shortly after getting back together, Johnny, 40, gushed to E! External beauty isn't even on his radar.""I used to worry about the age difference, but I don't think it matters," she admitted. It's deeper for me too, but luckily I find him gorgeous and extremely sexy."And if the couple does decide to expand their family, Cox says she began prioritizing her health like never before after finding out she carries the MTHFR gene mutation.

So, now I just have a new motto: 'Just let it be.'"In response, Bear offered a few words of encouragement, telling Courteney, "One of the things I love about these journeys is that you see, really, people as they are.

And for what it's worth, the natural you is just amazing and gorgeous. So, I didn't know how to regard love the way he does. I definitely have learned a lot, and no matter what, I will be a better person from that breakup, even though it was so brutal."The actress confirmed that she and Mc Daid are back together, but added that their relationship is in a "new context" now. "And we have both really worked on ourselves on the parts that needed the most attention.

At 53, the actress understands she "may be one of the older people doing it, but I would love to, with Johnny that is.

I see so much of myself in her, and I'm glad that... "I think that we were such good friends," she explained. In fact, the couple called it quits last year before getting back together.

I've been through it, and learned enough now to actually help her go through things that are hard... I'm one of these people that if you say, 'Courteney, get me well'—which is kind of what he said—I will find every... "We found ourselves leading separate lives and just coexisting and being great friends, but not having the intimacy that..so important in a relationship. That can be great for a lot of things, but I need this kind of real, one-on-one connection. "We were engaged for over a year and then we broke up.

Fox's girlfriend on the hit series Courteney Cox arrives at the premiere of Amazon Studios' ' Gleason' at the Regal LA Live Stadium 14 on July 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

(Photo: Amanda Edwards/Wire Image/Getty Images)Cox dated actor Michael Keaton from 1990-95.

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That pursuit led to small roles in film and on television.